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xero review 2015

As cloud-based programs, QuickBooks and Xero can work seamlessly on any device that has access to the Internet and on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Xero may also be installed in a Linux system, while this is not possible with QuickBooks, for now. Xero, from New Zealand, came out two years after QuickBooks Online launched. While QBO gained over two million users in recent years, Xero has slowly been growing its consumer base to nearly a million. Easy Invoicing – You can set up your standardized business profile with logo and business information.

  • It is great for small retailers and wholesalers as it is very simple to use.
  • Xero’s Starter Plan is quite useless but its Standard Plan has all that you need to begin using an online accounting software.
  • I felt simultaneously enclosed/restricted and curiously “unprotected,” even though I routinely hike in thin-soled sandals.
  • Just raise an invoice as normal then, once it’s approved and ready to be sent, click the large Send button.
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  • So, it was easier for Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, to gain users when the online version came out in 2004.

The way that they have revolutionized the way the bank reconciliation is performed makes it easier for buiness owner and accountant/bookkeeper to work together. I love the comments functionality and the rules that can be set to repeating transactions. The AI in the bank reconciliation also has a very nice balance to it. It will allocate your transactions when you need it to, but not too aggressively — meaning you don’t have to undo all the automatic allocations . They also have a lot of resources to help business owners and financial professionals.

Software Features

Spending the money on the Xerocon ticket, the flights and the accommodation, these are not small sacrifices for the average proprietor of a small suburban firm. Jac and I worked together at an accounting technology company 19 years ago. Whilst I stayed the course on the industry, Jac’s amazing life has seen her in the rag trade. Completed her CPA and runs an accounting practice in Summer Hill Sydney specialising in the creatives vertical.

One of the reasons for this could be because there are more users on this system than Xero. The money will be put to work growing the company’s business in the U.S. and, on that note, Xero is also bolstering its U.S. and global team with a new hire. Russell Fujioka, formerly of Dell and a current partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, has taken on the role of U.S. president, based out of Xero’s San Francisco office. In addition, former Salesforce CFO Graham Smith has joined the Xero board as a non-executive director. New Zealand-founded accounting software firm Xero has raised a $110.8 million round of capital to grow its business in the North American market.

Critic Reviews

In the 6 months we have been operating we have not lost a single customer so our churn percentage is 0%. If you can leave an organisation in a better position than when you joined it, then you’ve done your job well. When I was eventually offered the role of head of accounting by Chris Ridd, supported 110% by Trent Innes, it was an easy YES – despite all the mountains I needed to move to make it happen.

You can set up your custom invoice templates and set up an automatic reminder of your preferred date when the invoice is overdue. Xero helps you deal with huge Bill payments and an interactive graph helps you decide which payments are to be paid and when. Staff payments and pensions can be tracked, managed, and modified easily and can be sent to pension bodies directly. It will also help you follow-up on your client’s activities and their status. All of your data from Quickbooks can be easily switched over to Xero without much hassle. There is a learning curve in Xero if you switch from Quickbooks.

Positive Xero Reviews & Testimonials

When uploading a file of transactions we also had some issues and found it quicker just to manually enter them into the software. Solid and simple cloud accounting solution that is easy to navigate and customise. Great that our external accountants and legal support can access online as they need. Seems to be continuously evolving and its reassuring to see ongoing development of the product.

What makes Xero different?

About Xero

Xero is incredibly user-friendly, simple and powerful, and is designed to help their customers do better in their own businesses via their accounting tools. Xero has a strong value proposition to compete with QuickBooks Online: its customers love it.

Xero’s inventory management software tools can help you keep track of your business’ stock in real time. It uses an average cost method to calculate the total value of the stock on hand. It is great for small retailers and wholesalers as it is very simple to use. It was no easy feat, but it proved that our professional associations could work together when needed to solve the industry issues that impact us all.

An Inuitive And Easy To Use System

Should’ve realized it was going to be bad when the sales person showed up in a shiny $100K car. We were using MYOB and on our accountants advice we made the switch to Xero. It had multi currency and the ability to API with Stripe.

xero review 2015

Oddly this only happens with the left shoe even though I have identical orthotics in both… I surmise that anyone with a deeper foot or naturally high arch might well get this problem. Though lightweight (just 22 ounces/pair for a men’s size 9), the Xcursion offers solid protection for feet, toes, and ankles. The Xcursion offers protection for toes and ankles. Xero Shoes have been around for nearly a decade, but the past few years have seen the brand really take off in terms of visibility. Started by sprinter Steven Sashen and his wife, Lena Phoenix, a hiker, the company grew out of the barefoot-running craze ignited by Christopher McDougall’s 2011 bestseller Born to Run. Reduce operational costs by ensuring superior service quality in medical billing & coding, pharmacy, transcription, & teleradiology, etc. Very expensive, it doesn’t sync with our Xero and has been nothing but a problem.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Sure, they both make and receive phone calls, but a smartphone is far more like a mobile computer than what most knew a telephone to be 20 years ago. The modern bookkeeper for mine, looks more like a software consultant and trusted business advisor than a bookkeeper of 20 years ago. The Xero accounting software uses a single unified ledger, which allows users to work in the same set of books regardless of location or operating system. Xero has acquired several companies since its launch. In July 2011, the company acquired the Australian online payroll provider Paycycle for a mixture of cash and shares totalling $1.9 million in order to integrate the company’s products into its services. It acquired Spotlight Workpapers in July 2012 for a mixture of cash and shares totaling $800,000.

xero review 2015

Another feature we really use is their tracking fields. Xero allows users to setup 2 tracking fields that can be added to invoices, expenses, bills and assigned to each line. As a non-accountant, Xero is easy to use even when you get into all the features it provides. I have been using Xero for a good number of years now and can only recommend it!

And trust me, I’ve tried a number of accounting software and they’re all a nightmare to use unless you’re an accountant. The software saves me so much time, I don’t have to sit and do my accounts every three months for the VAT, it is always up to date and ready to view. I’m sorry to see you don’t appreciate our attempt to keep access to your Xero login safe — with cybercrime globally on the rise the authentication step is a good way to protect your data. And I’m sorry to see this caused issues with logging into Taxcalc!

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Users mostly rave about the support that Xero extends to its customers. Customer support is open 24/7 online and has a better response time than QuickBooks. Xero’s community forum is also more active with both users and in-house staffers offering advice and tips. Both programs have a well-designed, user-friendly and organized xero review 2015 interface. But Quickbooks Online might have a slight edge since there’s a learning curve to use Xero. You need time to understand how the software works before you are comfortable with it. Xero’s setup can also be more complicated and time-consuming than QuickBooks despite the presence of support tools to guide users.

And not many accountants work with it, so that made it difficult to have professional eyes on my accounting. All of them were horribly complicated, made for accountants and not at all user friendly. When I first began using Xero, I had heard a lot about it and was skeptical. It’s also incredibly stable — I think in 3 years it’s only been offline 3 times, each for a very short period.

XERO seamlessly connected and kept my balances up to date. I also liked how easy it was to invoice clients and connect invoices to Paypal or Stripe. There was no multi-currency in Quickbooks available. Bank feeds were also not there for some of the banks I wanted. For a similar price point Xero offered better features and a product that was easier to use for a non-accountant. It also isn’t «professional» double-entry bookkeeping and can’t be audited. Outright can’t handle Cost of Goods Sold properly and requires manual workarounds.

Business owners can manage all the aspects of their business by connecting to several e-commerce add-ons. The data is kept extremely secure, and all the updates and upgrades are added automatically. Both accounting software programs also have mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. It ranks higher on iTunes and Google Play Store than Xero’s app, which, according to reviews, can often crash and lacks the key features as the online version. Meanwhile, Xero doesn’t have a lending and project management feature for any of its tier plans. It also doesn’t have a highly functional reporting feature, whereas QuickBooks offer 80 different reports that users may customize for the sales, products and stocks list. However, Xero has over 500 integrations with other companies, while QuickBooks has about 200 integrations.

  • While QBO gained over two million users in recent years, Xero has slowly been growing its consumer base to nearly a million.
  • From our day-to-day usage, sending invoices, chasing debt, bank reconciliation it is very easy to use.
  • I like talking to people and collaborating and I love creating systems to help automate and delegate.
  • They aren’t trying to be at the bleeding edge of technology.
  • It also manages Fixed assets, something its competitors like Quickbooks doesn’t offer.

Icon»I believe Xero have captured a very nice niche of the industry with it’s very business orientated user interface and simplisitic feel. It makes accounting somewhat fun for the business owner.» I am an experienced user of Xero and not needed any support for a while. I just started a new job and convinced my employer to move from Quickbooks to Xero. 8 hours later and no reply from their CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICES. HOW on earth can small businesses, part time bookkeepers or anyone who has limited hours proceed when they have any difficulties??! Used MYOB before — no comparison — xero is so much easier to use and set up — Kiwis are smarter. The switch to Tink bank feeds has been badly handled. I have so many clients with issues and have had many myself.

Review: There is no successor to “Succession” — Nasdaq

Review: There is no successor to “Succession”.

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Xero ask me to screenshot issues and then say the software is working which it is not. We are suddenly locked out of our Taxcalc.com application that we use or tax calculation and accounts submission for all our private clients. We are getting messages that now have to set up 2FA on Taxcalc to submit tax returns for clients who have nothing to do with Xero. As it is the Christmas break, Taxcalc are closed and we can’t get through to their support desk. QuickBooks Online is our top pick for accounting software! Try it today and find out how it can save you time and money.

You can create custom bank rules to further automate the reconciliation procedure as well as manually raise invoices and bills to match the items on the bank statement. You can also add discussion comments to, for example, get your accountant to help decide how to code entries you’re not sure about. All this be done from anywhere using any device with a browser, or via the Xero Touch mobile app. If your business is on the lookout for a powerful and fairly priced online accounting software solution which can help your business with standard accounting functions, then Xero is your best bet.

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